Monday, February 25, 2008

I like big boats (and I cannot lie)

Like most of Sydney this weekend, I made the journey into the centre of town to catch the big show. Having no interest in the football, the cricket, Soundwave or Mardi Gras, I was there to see the arrival of Cunard's latest new toy, the Queen Victoria.

Sydney Opera House at dawn

Fortunately, unlike most of Sydney, I went on Saturday morning, and more specifically, before dawn to catch Queen Victoria's arrival at Circular Quay. That meant a nice clear run down the M2 and over the Harbour Bridge, and a parking spot at Dawes Point (usually as rare as hen's teeth), just as the first light of day appeared over the horizon. This gave me about twenty minutes to take some atmosphere photos, mainly of the Opera House, as there were too many numpties standing in the way to take a good photo of the Harbour Bridge, before Queen Victoria rounded the headland and began final approach.

Queen Victoria in Sydney Harbour

The 90000 tonne floating skyscraper was moored up alongside Circular Quay with impressive speed, and with the sun now fully risen and my first memory card full of pictures, I headed round to the Opera House for more pictures and a well-deserved breakfast.

Comparative Sizes

In the excitement of taking this photo, I managed to dump most of my latté into my camera bag. After a lengthy clean-up operation, which left my bag suspiciously coffee-scented, albeit dry enough to pack everything into again, I headed back round the harbour to Dawes Point, and back home; and all before most people had got out of bed.

Sydney Icons

This next picture is for Damana, who sadly didn't make our predawn rendezvous, although she did come down later on.

Just Fits

P.S. Sorry about the title - it's a vague allusion to one of my favourite websites, as well as nod to Damana's post above.


Damana Madden said...

Pweety pictures!

So when are you running a photography outing for us plebs? :)

Sanson Lowe said...

.....ready to tack?