Friday, February 08, 2008

Google's Elmer Fudd Edition

 Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck While Googling for something to say about Elmer Fudd, I discovered that Google maintains an Elmer-ised version of their own search page.

I still can't help think that this is one of the things that set Microsoft and Google apart, no matter how much Microsoft tries to beat Google - people at Google have a sense of humour, whereas any such creativity at Microsoft appears to be squashed under layers of corporate management, blandness, and established branding. Maybe in a million years, it will be mined as a valuable natural resource, but until then, I don't see replacing Google as the search engine of choice.


Damana Madden said...

It's an interesting point and shows something about the way google used to be. That EFudd page has been around for years now. Like "I'm feeling lucky", it was something that came out in the early google years. Since then there hasn't been too much fun stuff in their apps.

Maybe the big companies just lose their personality.

Sanson Lowe said...

Hehehe - I used to love fun stuff too, until now. These keywords now rule my life

Profit and Loss Statement
Revenue Forecast
ASX Announcements

Unknown said...

More fun and games at Google