Monday, June 29, 2009

iPhone on 3

When the iPhone 3G was originally released in Australia, I and many others complained that 3, who provide some of the best 3G data plans in the country, did not sell it. There were ways around it,which kind of suggest that it was a problem at Apple's end rather than 3's, but it seems that with the release of the updated iPhone 3GS, users of the 3 network are finally getting some Apple love. And of course, it's at this point that I notice that my elderly Nokia N95 8Gb is finally fully supported by OS X, including syncing from iTunes and iPhoto. Now where was that a year ago when I really needed it? Never mind; just as soon as I can sell a kidney on Ebay, I'll have his'n'hers iPhone 3GS's, and the Nokia can go in the phone recycling bin.

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Sanson Lowe said...

heidi and I are both waiting to get his and her iPhones next year.

It'd be interesting to see the 3 offer. Fairly certain they will offer tethering for free.

I must admit my experience with Optus is very disappointing thus far.