Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Apple and Adobe seem to be having a bit of a dummy spit over Flash at the moment, which is polarising the developer community. Well, I opened up Google Reader to read Richard Banks’s latest thoughts on the subject, and as I do that, bam! Safari crashes with a Flash error.

Flash Irony

(the Flash app was running in a different tab, not as part of Google Reader).

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Baseless suggestion

I’ve been spending the past few days cleaning up a messy situation at work, where one of our source control branches in TFS 2008 has not been properly merged back into trunk for several months. In trying to tidy things up, I kept getting the following error:

TF14087: Cannot undelete '$/MyCareer/Trunk/build/NightlyBuild/TFSBuild.rsp' because not all of the deletion is being undeleted.

The problem was that the folder NightlyBuild had been renamed in both the source and destination branch, but there was still a reference to it in this old changeset. Using tf merge /discard reported that there were no changes to make, which left me stuck for a bit, until one quick application of Google-fu, and I found the solution to my problem. By performing a baseless merge, the offending file is accepted:

tf merge /discard /baseless /version:C13494~C13494 $/MyCareer/Branches/Maintenance $/MyCareer
/Trunk /recursive
Resolved D:\Source\MyCareer\Trunk\build\DailyBuild\TFSBuild.rsp as AcceptYours

Hope that helps!