Friday, February 13, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a while since my last release of SvnRevisionLabeller, and I've not paid the project pages too much attention, seeing as everything was very quiet. Unfortunately, I hadn't set up the project to notify me whenever issues were raised, so I'd missed the raising of several bug or change requests.

Well, after stumbling upon one such change request during an unrelated Google session, I thought I'd better catch up on my project maintenance; it doesn't look very professional when your projects have bug reports unloved, unacknowledged, and unresolved.

The biggest change is that build number will be configurable; it was one of the first feature requests, and for a current project at work, it's something I wanted to do anyway.

BTW if you have downloaded and installed the plugin, I'd be interested to know. Google reports 822 downloads; the person who filed that request has linked to their site, so that's one, and of course I use it at Fairfax Digital, so that's two. Anyone care to offer up any of the other 820 downloads?!

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