Monday, March 17, 2008

Updates to SvnRevisionLabeller

It's a been a while since I uploaded my SvnRevisionLabeller code to the CruiseControl.NET community site. If you don't know what it does, it allows you to label your Continuous Integration builds with the Subversion revision that they were built from. If you still don't know what it does, I suggest you stop reading now...

I wrote this plugin because it was useful for me, and seeing as CC.NET is a useful piece of Open Source software, I decided to contribute back to the community. I have no idea how many people use it, but I know the number must be greater than four, because three other people have emailed me with bug fixes and enhancements.

With these changes coming through, I decided that it was time to move away from the traditional source control known as a zip file buried somewhere in my email archives. Seeing as I'm currently going through a Google love-in, I uploaded it to Google Code, which appropriately enough means I have my code under SVN revision control.

On a similar note, my other contributions to the Open Source community, at least that part of the community that develops using .NET, is a GuidTask for NAntContrib, but the process for adding code there seems to be a lot more obtuse than Thoughtworks', so at the moment it doesn't appear in the code anyway; but at least I have it on my servers.

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Joannes Vermorel said...


Your labeler looks very useful. Yet, I still wondering how to actually integrate the label into the final produced DLL when using a MsBuild project. Could you post a sample?

Thanks in advance,