Friday, March 16, 2007

Truck vs. Parked Car

So Thursday was shaping up to be a day from Hell. At work, what should have been a simple web application deployment dragged itself out into an all-day affair, first with configuration issues at our end, then with web services that we communicate with and so on. I finally decided that I had enough around 6pm and headed for home, dreading a repeat of Wednesday's rail SNAFU.

Actually, the journey home turned out well enough; however, I wasn't expecting this when I got off the train. I guess one of the lorry drivers who visit the industrial park at the other end of the road was in a hurry and misjudged the size of the corner just behind me. Of course, they didn't leave a note or anything.

Oh well, just as well I wasn't planning on buying a plasma screen in the near future...

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Sanson Lowe said...

The bloody sons of biatches.