Monday, August 21, 2006

A new addition to the Keaveny household

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Please welcome the 7th cat to grace our quilts since Emily and I moved in together! This lovely little lady is Coco (although I sometimes call her Keiko), a three year old black domestic long hair. We got her from the local vet, who rescued her after her previous owners were going to have her sent to the pound after they couldn't afford the medical bills when she broke her leg. We were very happy to have her!

Life has been strange these past nine months with only one cat around. We kinda missed constantly tripping over felines, especially when they were waiting right behind us when we were preparing food. To tell the truth, we think Jasmine rather missed the company too, so she now has a new friend.

Coco is quite shy at the moment while she settles in, but very friendly when she's got a little more confidence - I have never had a cat lick my hand so much, even when I've just been handling fish!

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