Thursday, January 08, 2009

On holiday in Victoria

Crossing the YarraSeeing as work was enticing us to be away from the office in January with free days-in-lieu, I thought I'd take the family away from the madness of Sydney in the summer (seriously, 38C the other day, and it was already hot and sticky by 9am), and head for the cooler climes of Victoria. We've only visited Melbourne the once, back in 2000 on our first trip to Australia, which after three years of living here, is bordering on the criminal. So here we are in Melbourne, meeting up with my dad and stepmother, who are on the return leg of their round-Australia-by-caravan trip, for a spot of Chinese dinner and a walk along the riverbank. Tomorrow we head inland for the goldfields. So far, the furthest inland that we've been is Canberra, so we're going to try and get away from the coastal metropolises (metropoli?), and take in some of those big wide vistas that Australia is supposed to be famous for.

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