Monday, January 07, 2008

Round and round we go

Damana has been blogging about meta blogging - the way most blog entries these days seem to be referring to what somebody else has been blogging about.

Having just proved her point, I thought I'd add an AOL-style "me too"; quite a few of the tech news sites I follow with RSS are feed aggregators; I get quite tired of playing "follow-the-link" to try and find the original article.

It also leads to feeds being saturated with nearly identical posts when a significant (at least, significant from the very narrow viewpoint of the community) event occurs. Best time to witness this effect is barely a week away, when Apple will raise their skirts to reveal their latest shiny toys. You'll suddenly find your aggregator full of posts referring to the same announcement, some of them indirectly as Damana contends above. You might as well just click on one randomly and have done with it.

P.S. Props to Damana for not completely embarrassing herself with Martin Fowler :-)

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