Sunday, June 17, 2007

Après moi, la déluge

You'd think that with all that rain that has been falling on Sydney, some of it would hang around in reservoirs. Well, it seems that a new Warragamba has been established in our basement; it looks like there's a problem with the drainage at that end of the house, which is causing water to well up through the concrete floor.

Fortunately, not too much stuff was damaged - some duvets got wet in their storage cases (where the water got through the zips), and one or two containers which had had their bottoms smashed in during the move from England got flooded. Emily and I spent several hours bailing and mopping; within a few hours, it was filling up again, fortunately not at the rate where you have to worry about the TV room flooding as well.

The rain appears to have stopped now, and also stopped coming up through the floor; hopefully this'll give the room a chance to dry out. Then we can get someone in to make the floor more permanently dry. In the meantime, we've taken the opportunity to throw out a lot of suddenly-soggy boxes and bits of old carpet that we didn't want anyway.

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Sanson Lowe said...

Oh man that suxs. It makes my 30-hour blackout rather lame in comparison